5 Places You Must Visit When Going to Busan, South Korea


Are you in quarantine right now? Still crying over the emails of a canceled flight? Are you grieving a vacation trip you couldn’t make?

Well, you are not alone.

Due to the emergency provoked by the coronavirus, I had to cancel three upcoming journeys, one of them to Peru. On the other hand, I’ve had more than enough time to reflect and remembrance the last trips I’ve done.

A few months ago, I traveled to South Korea. Here you can see what I wrote about my experiences in Seoul. However, while I was in the country, I was able to visit Busan too.

Although it is a modern and well-develop metropolis, discovering it is not expensive at all. Here are the top five places you can visit in Busan, South Korea, for free.

1. Gamcheon Village in Busan

This is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in my life. Gamcheon Village is on top of a hill in Busan. The whole place seems like a magical world where different characters, colors, and tastes come to live.

Around the village, you can find art exhibitions, statues of famous characters, like the Little Prince, murals and stories. The exhibitions and the main attractions are completely free.

However, if you don´t want to miss a detail, you can purchase a map for 2,000 won ($2.00). At certain checkpoints, you can stamp your map and for every three stamps, they will give you a postcard. The whole place is full of magic and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Gamcheon Village in Busan

2. Yeongdo Lighthouse

Busan is highly popular for all its interesting lighthouses. One of the most visited is the Yeongdo Lighthouse.  It is located inside the Taejongdae Park. The lighthouse has more than a century and today, it still serves as a guide for the ships on the coast.

The area is also peculiar for its beautiful cliffs and rock formations. You can visit the lighthouse for free. However, the hike to the lighthouse can be exhausting if you are not in shape. In that case, you can choose to use the trolley service.

Yeongdo Lighthouse


3. Haeundae Beach

I had read that Haeundae Beach was a must-visit, and was not disappointed.

I had the privilege of visiting Busan in mid-November. Therefore, when I arrived at the beach, it was decorated with lights everywhere, like a theme park. There were lights simulating the waves, trees, dolphins and also, an enormous fish made from plastic containers and so on. So, if you visit during the Christmas season, you should go to Haeundae Beach during the night.

Moreover, the beach itself has a nice wooden sidewalk with seats, where you can relax and enjoy the breeze. As you watch the horizon, you will discover two statues in the water: one of a mermaid and the other of a man with a telescope. The entrance to the beach is totally free and there are multiple activities close by that you can enjoy.

Heaundae Beach in Busan


4. Haedong Yonggung Temple & Coast Lighthouses

The Haedong Yonggung Temple built in 1376, is famous for being a structure at the seaside. As you walk around the temple you can appreciate the sound of the ocean. If you cross over to the left side, you can appreciate the structure in its whole, as well as the connecting bridge between the entrance and the temple. There is no charge for visiting this jewel.

If you follow along the coastline you will see hundreds of prayer towers of different sizes and shapes. Not far from this temple, there are multiple lighthouses worth seeing: a World cup ball Lighthouse, a Baseball glove lighthouse, and a Baby Bottle Lighthouse. Yes, as you’ve read. You can see them all for free.


5. Busan Tower

The Busan Tower is one of the main attractions in Busan. It is similar to the Namsan Tower in Seoul and everyone wants to go to the top. If you want to see the view from the highest point, you must pay 8,000 won, an accessible price. Nonetheless, it is not necessary. You can walk around the park, see the monuments, and enjoy the view for free.

Busan Tower


A Final Word About Busan

Busan was a big surprise for me. I didn’t expect to find so many attractions in it. The best of all is that my top five experiences in Busan were totally free!

I was only there for three days, so I was left with a lot to see. Nonetheless, what I did see, created in me a huge desire to go back.

For now, it seems impossible, but one day, I want to return to the city where a stranger gave me mandarins oranges, while we waited for the bus.

As for now, we only can dream of traveling the world and expect it to be accomplished sooner than later.


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