digital planner

You wake up feeling motivated, saying “I’m going to be productive today”.


The next thing you know it is 4:00pm and you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok watching videos and memes all day.

And yet, you don’t have time to learn a new language, develop a new skill or exercise.

Sounds like you need a plan.

The Dreamer's Planner is here to help.

The Dreamer’s Planner is a digital planner carefully designed to improve time-management and boost productivity in every single aspect in your life. Yes, from personal to your professional life.

This simple planner allows you to organize your present and work for your future. Because the present  you and the future you are equally important.

We know you want to grow and work on yourself. You want to be a millionaire before 30, retire and travel the world.

We also know smart planning is the key to success.

So? Let’s plan it. Let’s make it happen.

What is it?

The Dreamer’s Planner is a planner that takes uses the technology you carry around: your tablet and annotation app like Goodnotes. Simple.

It is a digital document, but the Dreamer’s Planner simulates a real planner. Why? Because we know you love how the “real thing” feels like. You just don’t like to carry it around.

You know how things  get lost between pages in a planner? Don’t worry. This planner’s pages are hyperlinked, so you can switch easily between tabs!

Our all-in-one design will allow you to plan everything in just one place. Your life is only one, your planner should be too.

But, why on Earth Would You need a Digital Planner When You Have a Calendar on Your Phone?

Let’s face it. Your phone is more often a source of distraction than a tool of productivity.

And, phone calendars are confusing and have zero personality.

 The Dreamer’s Planner has a cute aesthetic, simulates a real  planner and it downloads directly to your tablet, so you can start using right away.

It includes everything in one place, so you can plan and organize different aspects of your life with just one planner.

You can navigate easily between the hyperlinked tabs.

It is an undated digital planner, so you can use it as many times as you’d like. Bye-bye to buying planners every year!

And, to give it your personal touch, you can customize it with stickers.

Can’t do that with your phone calendar, right?

it is the perfect planner on the form of file 😉

turn your “busy” into “productive”

Goals planner

crush your goals

Your goals are an important part of your life. Did you know that if you write down your goals, you are more likely to achieve them? With this digital planner, you can: create a vision board, track your goals, create deadlines, and celebrate your achievements.

Get organized planner

get organized

Get organized, anticipate problems, needs, and events with your monthly calendar, your weekly overview, and your daily schedule. Master your routine and do something every day that you future self will thank you for.

pay-off debt

Planning your budget and monitoring your expenses can make your money go into the right places. Improve your finances by keeping track of your income and your expenses side by side. Manage your savings and keep track of your debt payments with this planner.

become your 

higher self

There is so much more to life than just professional goals. With this digital planner, you can create new habits, track your sleep, track your emotions for a better mental health. Also you can plan your meals, and your weekly fitness routine for a better physical health.

In short? This is the only planner you need to create the #boss life you want