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Skincare: Products You Can Find in Your Fridge

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Make-up or Skincare?

Are you a beauty junkie? Do you love to buy every new palette out there? Do you know how to use fifty shades of eyeshadow on your eyes?…

I don’t, and I truly admire the people that transform their faces with make-up.

Nevertheless, the truth is, because of my acne-prone skin, I’ve never been a makeup person. As I grew older, my makeup bag became smaller and I became interested in something else: skincare.

Having a skin full of imperfections, I have used hundreds of products to take care of it. Two years ago, I started using Korean brands and I fell in love with them.

However, all the product layering (you know, Koreans believe in a 15 step skincare routine) always made my skin feel heavy.  About a week ago, after I finished two of my products, I made a decision: to change to a natural skincare routine…

And by natural, I mean “products that you find in your fridge” natural. Oh yes, I went there.

To my surprise, a week later, my skin is looking and feeling better than ever. Therefore I wanted to share it with you. Here is my complete skincare routine based on natural products.

1. Olive Oil

When I was younger, I would refuse to put in my face any cleanser that had oil in it. However, now that my skin has gotten a bit over the puberty crisis, and it has turned from fully oily to a combination type, I noticed that sometimes the lack of moisture makes my skin produce more sebum (oil, in other words).

Therefore, I stopped using cleansers that leave my skin “squeaky-clean”. With this organic skincare routine, I’ve been using oil (YES, OIL) as my first step of cleansing. Oil is a great solution to remove dirt from the surface of your skin and it helps to combat dullness. To apply it, I use a round cloth makeup remover pad and I go through my face in circular motions. Later, I wash the excess with cold water.

Skincare Oil

2.  Milk, a Historical Skincare Product

It is said that Cleopatra took baths of milk to improve the appearance of her skin. Well, if you know at least one thing about Cleopatra, it’s probably that people considered her beautiful. Milk has proved to have multiple benefits for the skin due to its acids. That’s why, as my second step of cleansing, I’m using milk (coconut milk in the mornings, cow milk at nights). As with the oil, I pour cold milk into a round cotton pad and spread it over my face. Don’t use a towel to dry the excess, just let it dry.

3. Ice

Large pores are one of those eternal beauty problems that will hardly go away. However, there are a few DIY methods that can help you reduce their visibility. One of them is rubbing ice against your skin. As we all know, when your pores are exposed to heat, they will enlarge. On the contrary, when they are exposed to cold substances, they will tighten. That’s why, as a third step to my routine, I tighten my pores rubbing ice against my face. You can use a towel around the ice if it’s too cold. Be careful not to burn your skin. Don’t dry the excess of water. Instead, let it air dry.

Skin care Ice

4. Vitamin C Toner

Vitamin C is one of the holy grail solutions you definetly want to put on your skin because it brigthens and nourishes your complexition. To do so, I boiled an orange peel in a pot. After letting it cool down, I poured it into a spray bottle. I spray it on my face while it is still wet with the ice water so that it is absorbed into the skin.

Skincare Toner

5. Moisturizer

Moisturizing gains importance with age. As a result, you will find thousands of products in the market destined to moisturize your face. For now, I’m finishing my Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion by CORSX. However, once I empty the bottle, I will start using aloe vera as a moisturizer since I have a plant in my garden.

6. Note about Exfoliation

Exfoliating is vital to remove dead skin cells, keep pores unclogged, and help with circulation. Nonetheless, if it is done with too much frequency or in the wrong way, it can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. For such reason, I exfoliate once every other day. I like to use coffee grounds, brown sugar or scrubbing gloves to exfoliate. Usually, I do it after cleansing and before rubbing ice on my skin.

7. Bonus: Lip Scrub!

Let’s be clear: nobody likes to have chipped lips. Altough chapped lips are commonly a result of dehydration or exposure low temperatures, you can make them look healthier by scrubbing away dead skin. For that, I like to mix white sugar, brown sugar, honey, and olive oil. Make sure to put more sugar than oil in the mix so it creates a solid mix. I use this once a day. After the sugar scrubs away dead skin, the oil will leave your lips feeling soft and moisturized.

Skincare scrub

Why Natural Skincare?

The skin is the biggest organ in our body. It absorbs everything we put in it. Sometimes, skin care products have ingredients that can irritate our skin. The worst part is, we can’t identify which one it is, because the ingredient list endless and seems to be written in another language.

With natural skin-care, you know exactly what you are putting in your skin and you can change anything that doesn’t work for you.

Moreover, it is, by far, more economic than buying a 3 onz “miracle” product every three months. Then, isn’t natural skincare a smarter way to invest your money and feel beautiful at the same time?

How do you take care of your skin? Let me know in the comments below.


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