16 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

Do you wish you could simplify your life?

I don’t know if the same happens to you, but to me, it seems like when one gets older, life becomes more complicated. Suddenly, the world turns complex and crowded up to a point when you just want to take an airplane and leave everything behind.

Doesn’t it happen to you too?

I know, we all know, there is no point in doing that. You cannot simply throw your life away! After all, there’s always something good in it, right?

But even if life becomes overwhelming without us noticing, there are incredibly easy ways to simplify your life today.

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16 Ways to Simplify Your Life Right Now

Create morning and night routines

Routines are like a paradox, sometimes they can mess up our lives, and sometimes they can fix it. But, the important thing is, how do they help? Well, routines allow us to create consistency and consistency helps create good habits.

Moreover, creating a routine helps you to reduce the daily decisions you have to make, reducing this way your stress and anxiety.

Mariana Plata (2018) states: “When we organize ourselves and know what to expect, it’s easier to actively work towards counteracting the thoughts and symptoms of…mental health conditions”.

Declutter your wardrobe

A walk-in closet is every girl’s dream! Therefore, we try to fit everything we can in our small cubicle-size closet. However, somehow, we have nothing to wear! Not to mention the huge piles of dirty laundry we have to do constantly…

Reducing your closets is always a good option to simplify your life. That way, you reduce the options to wear, and therefore, you pick your daily outfits faster. A small closet saves you not only time but also saves you money.

Have a place for everything

This trick will simplify your life a 100 percent!

Whenever I arrive home, I place my keys in the same place. Always. That way I avoid the “Where are the keys?” trouble. The same rule applies to every object. If you have a fixed space for everything, then you won’t stress out looking for missing items.

As part of your routine, have a place for everything and put it back once you finish using it.

Consider minimalism

Minimalism is not for everyone, I admit it, but capitalism and materialism aren’t either.

But what is minimalism exactly? Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, creator of the blog The Minimalists, declare the following:

“Today’s problem seems to be the meaning we assign to our stuff: we tend to give too much meaning to our things, often forsaking our health, our relationships, our passions, our personal growth, and our desire to contribute beyond ourselves”.

Therefore, minimalism is a way to simplify your life. By adopting this lifestyle you extract from your life anything that’s unnecessary and you keep the essential in it.

Plan your budget

It is quite accurate to affirm that most of our worries and complications in life revolve around money. But, the truth is, those problems derive from the fact that most of us don’t prepare a budget.

Well, it is also true they don’t teach that in school…

Nonetheless, doing and keeping a budget is important if you want to simplify your life. Knowing how much you have and how to spend it will save you from a lot of stress. Furthermore, understanding in which proportion you should divide your income will help you maintain a savings fund, while also paying your debts and having some cash left for your personal use.

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Go debt free

As I said, they don’t teach you how to budget in school. Neither will you learn about how having ten credit cards will make you go crazy.

Although there are some debts that are deemed necessary, there are others that are totally optional.

Need an example? It doesn’t matter how much you feel like it is a necessity, you don’t need the latest smartphone model if the model you have is still working.

Save yourself the hassle of paying interests and drowning yourself in debts just for a “shiny new toy”.

Prepare your meals ahead of time

Let me tell you something really quick here, if you hate eating from the same food more than once a week, you are guilty of complicating your own life.

By planning and preparing your meals you can save yourself time and money! And if you save those two, there is no denying that you’ll have a simpler life.

Plan your workout

Exercise is an important part of your routine! However, trying to figure out which workout you should be doing day by day might be time-consuming and stressful. Instead, a way of simplifying your life is to plan your weekly workout ahead.

There are different fitness influencers that provide that calendar for you for free, like Chloe Ting, Fitness Blender, Emi Wong, and Cassey Ho.

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Listen to podcasts & audiobooks if you don’t have time to read

Finding time to read about anything might be challenging. But, what about listening to something while you drive, shower or exercise?


A great way to simplify your life and maximize your time is to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while you do other activities.

Do your to-do list before bed

If you don’t write, then chances are you’ll forget it, right?

And we all know the chaos that occurs when we forget something important. That’s why, everyday, as part of your night routine, you should write your next day’s to-do list. Although simple, writing down your pending tasks can be quite effective when it comes to making your life run as smoothly and peacefully as possible.

Slow down

Breathe in and breathe out.

Sometimes, all it takes to make life simpler is a break. If you love planning your life, then make sure to plan it in a way that helps you to slow down.

Productivity is important, but enjoying the moment is important too. Stop and smell the roses on the way. Feel the sunlight and the breeze. Enjoy life itself.

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Learn to say no

We’ve all been on the spot, feeling compromised, having to say yes out of courtesy. It happens.

Nevertheless, you should be careful. Other people’s requests shouldn’t lead your life nor make it more complex. Even if it is uncomfortable, you must learn to say no to those things that aren’t your priorities. Do yourself a favor, even if the other party is upset, and say no.

Digital declutter

I confess I am one of those weird people that have four email accounts! One is personal, one is professional, one for subscriptions, and one for security purposes. So? That’s a lot of emails entering my inbox daily. Yet, I’m ok with it.

However, there are people that find it hard to keep up with the digital world and they spend hours between emails, projects, and files in the cloud. If you find yourself with 200 hundred unread emails or more in your inbox, then you should simplify your life and declutter a little bit.

Clear your desk

A crowded desk is responsible for many distractions and distractions are complications we’d like to avoid. Therefore, keep only the essentials on your desk. The rest, if it’s not being used, then find a new place for it, donate it or throw it away.

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Live intentionally

To live intentionally is definitely a challenge nowadays. Regardless, sometimes, we invest copious amounts of time in things that aren’t really meaningful to us. Therefore, we top up our lives with things that we truly don’t care about or that won’t contribute anything important to our existence.

A way to simplify your life is to intentionally choose your daily activities and to align them with your goals and your priorities.

Go for a smaller bag

Bags are like cockroaches for me, the bigger, the scarier.

Often, a big bag is like a lost and found department! You can’t find anything when you need it and it is heavy. And you know what? Most of the time we don’t use anything else besides our cell phones and wallets.

Carry a smaller bag, drop the baggage.

Who wouldn’t want to simplify their life?

Life can become complicated. Certainly, there will be things out of our control.

Yet, a lot of drama and hassle can be taken out of life if we choose to modify our habits.

Remember, less is more. Keep it simple. Keep it happy.




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