Self-Discovery Questions to Find Out Who You Are


What is self-discovery?

Self-discovery is a journey…

We, ourselves, are the people with whom we spend the most time with. However, it is really surprising how little we know about ourselves.

Have you ever had a reaction to a situation and wondered “Why did I do that”? Or have you ever thought about why you are feeling a certain way?

Bet you have, and although we can’t predict or understand everything we do, we can always gain more knowledge about ourselves. It is possible to understand our behaviors, our emotions, and our beliefs if we take the time to explore them.

That process of learning about ourselves is what is known as self-discovery.

Why should you try self-discovery?

Learning about yourself allows you to be in better control of your emotions, to understand what drives you, and to identify those areas where you could be better. This altogether is a recipe for continuous growth and self-improvement.

In fact, if you are feeling stuck in life, making a self-discovery journey can help you get your engines going.

How can you start your journey?

Self-discovery isn’t different from any other matter when it comes to learning. The only way to learn about yourself is by asking. Yes, literally asking.

As if you are studying for any other school subject or learning a new skill for your job, asking the right questions to yourself will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and the why’s behind your behaviors.


Which are the right questions for self-discovery?

Wondering what to ask? Don’t worry! Here are 70 self-discovery questions to know who you are and to understand your personality better.

  1. How is my ideal day?
  2. What is my biggest fear?
  3. What are the things that always improve my mood?
  4. Which three words define me?
  5. Which are my best qualities?
  6. What is my ideal job?
  7. Am I happy about how I spend my days?
  8. What skills do I wish to have?
  9. What would I change right now about myself if I could?
  10. What about me makes me the proudest?
  11. What is my biggest achievement?
  12. What do I wish I had done yesterday and I didn’t? Can I do it today?
  13. What superpower do I wish I had? Why?
  14. From what things I need more in my life?
  15. What am I grateful for?
  16. What could make me happy now?
  17. What advice can I give to a younger me?
  18. What are my top five “happy” memories?
  19. When do I make excuses? Why?
  20. When did I feel happy/joyful recently?
  21. What do I love the most about myself?
  22. What is my favorite hour of the day? Why?
  23. How do I recharge?
  24. How does quietness make me feel? Why?
  25. How does my ideal morning look like?
  26. What things am I doing the right way now?
  27. What new habits I would like to develop?
  28. What things do I consider interesting about myself?
  29. How do I take care of myself?
  30. What makes me angry? Can I change it?
  31. What is the most important lesson I’ve learned so far? Did it change me?
  32. What did I learn from my biggest failure?
  33. Do I care about what other people think? Why?
  34. Who is the most important person in my life? Why?
  35. Where do I want to be in a year? Am I working towards it?
  36. What place I would like to visit? Why?
  37. What have I done that I thought I couldn’t do at first?
  38. What thing do I believe I can’t do now?
  39. Who inspires me? Why?
  40. What is my favorite historical event? Why?
  41. How do I relax?
  42. If I die today, what would I regret not doing?
  43. What is my favorite smell? Why?
  44. What is my favorite book, song or movie?
  45. Do I like to help others? How?
  46. Did I laugh today?
  47. If I have kids, what story about myself would I like to tell them?
  48. What is my passion in life?
  49. What was my dream five years ago? Is it the same today?
  50. What quality do I admire the most in other people? Why?
  51. What is my clearest childhood memory? Why is it important to me?
  52. What inspires me?
  53. What area of my life makes me feel the worst right now? Why? Can I change it?
  54. How would I like to be remembered in other people’s minds? Why?
  55. How can I be of value to others?
  56. Is there something I haven’t forgiven myself for? Why? How can I change it?
  57. How is my ideal partner?
  58. What dream would I like to be living right now?
  59. How does my current situation make me feel?
  60. What does happiness means to me? How does it look?
  61. What is my greatest struggle right now?
  62. What takes away my motivation? Why?
  63. Am I in control of my life?
  64. What makes me smile?
  65. What advice can I give to my future self?
  66. What things should I cut down or do less?
  67. How am I better than a year ago?
  68. What are the three emotions that I’m feeling at this moment?
  69. How can I be more productive?
  70. What are my top goals in life?


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