16 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

    Do you wish you could simplify your life? I don’t know if the same happens to you, but to me, it seems like when one gets older, life becomes more complicated. Suddenly, the world turns complex and crowded up to a point when you just want to take an airplane and leave everything behind. Doesn’t it happen to you too? I know, we all know, there is no point in doing that. You cannot simply throw your life away! After all, there’s always something good in it, right? But even if life becomes overwhelming without us noticing, there are incredibly easy ways to simplify your life today. 16 Ways to…

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    15 Common Habits that Might be Triggering your Anxiety

    Are you struggling with your habits and your anxiety? Then keep reading… I’ve heard many adults talk about how hearing about mental health is more common nowadays. Yet, not all of them understand the importance of it.  And they are not to blame. The baby boomers were a generation that grew up in a world where tears were a sign of weakness. In addition, it was only until a few years ago that having mental health issues was a taboo. A therapist, psychologist, or a psychiatrist´s job was to treat “crazy” people.  So, it isn’t a surprise that whenever someone declares they have depression or anxiety, it is dismissed as something trivial…

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    How Finding Balance in Life Can Help Beat Anxiety and Depression

    Balance. Sometimes it seems (and feels) like another word for perfection. Finding balance in life? It appears to be impossible to achieve. But it isn’t. It is not surprising at all that in the 21st century many people find it difficult to stay balanced. Yet, there are persons that get surprised about the high percentage of mental health problems in the worldwide population. According to the World Health Organization, 800, 000 persons committed suicide in 2016. (WHO, 2016). Moreover, a study published in The Lancet revealed that around 12 billion days of productivity have been lost due to depression and anxiety disorders (Chisholm, D., Sweeney, K., Sheehan, P., Rasmussen, B.,…

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    Why Not Having Priorities is Detrimental for You?

    A lot of people talk about how having priorities can help you, but few of them talk about what happens when you don’t have priorities. Well, I’m here to tell you a lot could go wrong if you don’t have any priorities. And no, I’m not trying to be dramatic. Although you might not be convinced enough by the benefits of having priorities to actually organize your life around them, what would you think if I talked about the repercussions of not prioritizing? Would you be convinced if I tell you that not having them could, for example, end your career? In fact, the lack of priorities can affect negatively…