How to Live a Peaceful Life – Even When You are Anxious Person

How to live a peaceful Life

Have you reached that point in your life where you just want to live a peaceful life in a cabin in the woods? Well, maybe you don’t want a cabin in the woods just yet, but you are tired of living a stressful life.

You watch that “always-chill” friend and wonder: how does he do it?

Well, although having a peaceful life might seem like something only possible to a special group of people, the method to have a peaceful living isn’t a secret. It is possible for anyone that puts their mind to it and it is possible to you too.

So, you need a little more peace in your life, in this post you’ll learn how to get it.

How to Live a Peaceful Life


How to Live a Peaceful Life?

What is peaceful living?

Many people mistake living a peaceful life with doing daily yoga or with living in the woods. In reality, you can live peacefully working a 9-5 job in the busiest metropolis in the world. Why? Because a peaceful lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to do with what you do for a living or where you live.

Living a peaceful life is all about achieving harmony between your feelings, your desires, and your actions. Therefore, a peaceful life starts by making conscious decisions and modifying your habits.

Who needs a peaceful lifestyle?

Honestly, is there anyone who doesn’t? I don’t think that someone that “loves” feeling stressed, irritated or anxious exists. However, it is true that some people cope with negativity and stress better than others.

But, if your stress, anxiety, or emotions are affecting your daily life and you find it hard to go through every day, you need to make changes in your mindset and your habits. Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily need the cabin in the woods to feel at peace.

12 Things You Must Do to Live a Peaceful Life 

1. Learn to say no

Saying no is quite difficult, especially if you are a people pleaser. However, when you can’t set boundaries with other people you are bound to live stressed and unhappy.

Learning to set boundaries and to saying no is a process. You must start little by little. However, as uncomfortable and difficult as it might be in the beginning, eventually, you will see the benefits of it. You’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll do the things that you can and want to do. This not only will bring more peace into your personal life but into your professional life as well.

2. Learn about your value

Self-love is important if you want to live peacefully. Why? First, because you understand your worth. So, your identity and value won’t depend on the family you come from or the fact that you have a boyfriend.

When you understand your worth, then you know what you want and what you deserve in life. Therefore, you stop seeking external validation. As a result, you won’t live stressed out trying to please people around you or trying to fit in others’ standards.

3. Stop overexplaining if you want peace

If you feel the necessity to explain why you made a decision, even if someone shouldn’t have to meddle in it, then you are overexplaining. Feeling the need to explain yourself whenever you make a decision or a comment is not will, in the end, take away your peace. Why? Because when you make your plans and decisions public, people will feel like they have a say in it.

The result is tons of opinions and comments that will usually make you upset. Limit yourself to explain your actions and decisions to the people whose opinions you value. Nobody has to know what you do, your life isn’t a reality show.

be confident

4. Embrace your up and downs

A peaceful life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. In life, bad things are bound to happen. Also, there will be days when you’ll feel at your worst. That doesn’t mean you should feel like you’ve failed at living peacefully.

Instead, you should understand that you will not always feel happy and pumped up. Remind yourself that it is ok to feel down once in a while. Keep in mind that negative feelings and bad things are also temporary.

5. Cut out the drama

To live a peaceful life you need to stop being dramatic. There, I’ve said it.  It is impossible to feel at peace if you feel like the world revolves around you.  People’s actions whenever they are with you, usually say more about them than about you. For example, if someday, a friend suddenly lashes at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a problem with you. They could be having a bad day instead.

Also, get rid of the “why me” mentality. When upsetting things happen to you, instead of thinking it is because the world has it against you, think those things could happen to anyone. In that sense, you are not special. You are not exempt from bad things. Therefore, stop stirring drama around your life and circumstances.

6. Grow your patience

If you are short on patience, you’ll definitely be short on peace too. There will be reasons to be mad or irritated every day as long as you live. However, it is up to you to allow those reasons to get to you.

Being patient requires practice, but it also starts with a decision you take to not let the small things steal your peace.  Whenever you feel irritated or angry about something, think to yourself “will I remember it in a month? Will it matter in a year?”. If the answer is no, let it go and choose peace instead.

7. Take control over you emotions

Many people talk about feelings and emotions but very little have control over them. Your mind can often betray you and make you feel stressed, anxious, or sad without an apparent reason. Make sure to get to know yourself and to develop your emotional intelligence.

A way to have a peaceful life is by understanding how your mind and your emotions work. This way you know how to help yourself to feel better when you need to boost your mood or to keep working even when you are unmotivated. Also, whenever a memory or bad thought pops up in your head, you’ll know how to control it and not let it affect you.

8. Cut toxic people

Duh. This is kind of self-explanatory.  Yet, a lot of people fail to identify the toxic people around them.  And, with toxic people in you life, you’ll hardly find the peace you are looking for. You must be careful of who you let inside your inner circle and who you spend time with. For this, examine your friends, family, and coworkers. If someone is taking away the peace from your life, you might want to distance yourself from them.

How to Live a Peaceful Life

9. Expect less from everything

Your false and unrealistic expectations can be the source of many of your problems. To live a peaceful life you need to lower your expectations. And don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mean you should conform with just anything or that you shouldn’t have standards.

What I mean is, you can’t always expect people to act the way you want them to or for things to go your way always.  If you are constantly romanticizing things and imagining fantastic scenarios in your mind, then you’ll feel troubled and stressed every time you face reality.

10.  Don’t try to control everything

Ok, I get it. You feel safe whenever you are in control of things. But, as you would have already noticed, you can’t control everything and everyone. It doesn’t matter how hard you try. By trying to be in control of everything and everyone, you are only losing your time and, guess what? Your peace too.

As I said before, things can’t always go your way. Learn to worry only about the things you can control and let go of everything that you can’t.

11. Leave whatever doesn’t make you happy

Walking away from situations and people that make you miserable will help you live a peaceful life. I know you can’t walk away from everything you would like to. At least not right away. However, it is surprising how many times you CAN choose something else.

If a job, a relationship, or a relative is making you stressed and unhappy, regardless of your efforts to make it work, walk away. Be intentional about what you do and who you are with. There is no peace in unhappy places and relationships.

12. Stay present

Mourning over the past or worrying too much about the future can quickly drain the peace from your present moment. Choosing to stay present in every moment is a habit that will improve your mood, your lifestyle, and your sense of peace. This is also called mindfulness.

Staying present doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for your future. It just means it shouldn’t make your present suck. If you need a little help, you can use the brain dump technique to stay present. You can grab the free template below!

The key to a peaceful life

A peaceful life is important to keep a healthy mind and a healthy body. Wanting to grow your career, save the planet, achieve your personal goals, dedicate time to your friends, and doing social labor all at once can be exhausting – especially if you don’t know how to plan and organize yourself.

Make sure that whatever lifestyle you decide to have, you consciously decide to be in peace… Even if you are sitting in the middle of a crowded subway wagon at the 7 a.m. rush and not in a cozy cottage in the woods, decide to have a peaceful ride.

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