Coronavirus: clean your seat

How to Travel Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Hundreds of people have canceled their flights due to the coronavirus outbreak.

I did since I consider wiser to stay at home.

However, if you are obliged to travel, here is a guide on how to travel safely during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Travel safely during Coronavirus

1. Prepare your personal “coronavirus prevention” bag

I know, usually, you worry about just packing the headphones, a telephone charger,  some snacks, and the wallet. However, this time your “on-airplane-packing list” should include soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.  If it makes you feel safer, gloves and masks too.

Currently, the World Health Organization [WHO] (2020) is debating whether the use of masks by the masses has had any effect on the slow down of the virus.  Up to a few days ago, they would only recommend the use of it if you were sick.

However, most population has adopted them as a preventive measure. So, if it gives you peace of mind to have one during your flight, give it a try. Just be considerate. Just one mask will do for a flight. You don’t need to buy six boxes of them.

Coronavirus: packing

2. Clean your seat

In any normal circumstances, you would probably hesitate before cleaning your seat. Nevertheless, times have changed. So, leave any embarrassment aside and clean your seat with disinfecting wipes. Make sure to cover everything: the seat, seat belt, armrest, window, and the table.  After you are done, put away the used wipe in a ziplock bag. Throw it away later, when you have the chance. Use hand sanitizer when you finish

3. Create a conscience: stop touching your face

It is unbelievable how much we accustom to touch our faces; scratching our noses, rubbing our eyes, wiping away something from our lips. STOP! According to the WHO (2020) one way the virus spread is through direct contact. Therefore if you carry the virus in your hands, you will just help it get into your body by touching your face.

Don’t touch your face.

Also, this time, don’t fight over the armrest with your neighbor. Let it go. Avoid physical contact in any way possible.

Coronavirus: clean your seat

4. Clean the bathroom

The chances that you visit the bathroom at least once during your flight are pretty high. Consequently, you should bring your disinfecting wipes with you. Disinfect the toilet before using it, the handle to flush it, and the faucets of the sink.  After you are done with your business, make sure to use a tissue to open the door and not your bare hands.

5. Wash your hands

This a given. Hand sanitizer can be effective, but after a few uses, it is necessary to watch our hands. Therefore, during that visit to the bathroom, make sure to wash your hands. Take a whole 30 seconds to clean between your fingers, the back of your hands, your nails, and your wrists. Be patient. Count if it will help you.

A good trick is to learn a chorus from a song you like and sing it while you wash your hands. That way, you’ll make sure you are doing it for the needed period.

Coronavirus washing hands

A final Word on traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has changed our lifestyles. Nonetheless, it is required that we modify our behaviors so we can stop its spread.

Truly, it is better and safer that you stay at home.

However, if for some reason of weight you must get on an airplane, make sure to take all the possible precautions.

Stay safe.




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