14 Habits of Successful People

Habits to success?…

We all want to be successful, to make our dreams come true, and to crush our goals. However, sometimes we wish we had a guide, a proven-to-work method to make it to the mountain top. 

While there might not be a guide for each one of our individual cases, when you study different examples of successful people (and by successful I mean people who achieved their goals and not just “rich” individuals), they have in common habits and patterns that have contributed significantly to their achievements.

Better yet, those habits aren’t exclusive; they can be applied by anyone who has a goal.

So, do you want to be successful? Here are 14 proven habits of successful people that you can start to implement today in order to achieve your goals.

14 Habits of Successful People

Getting up early

We all love to sleep. Who doesn’t? Nevertheless, when it comes to working for our goals remember “the early bird gets the worm”. This doesn’t mean that if you are a night owl person you must change your clock. No, it means that if your average wake up time is at 4:00 in the afternoon, you should try to wake up at 2:00 or 3:00 so you can start your day before getting caught up in the usual routine.

Reading and learning constantly

Constantly, successful individuals will make time to learn. Either by reading, watching videos, tutorials, documentaries, or listening to podcasts, keeping up to date, and learning new skills is vital for reaching and expanding your potential. Knowledge is a powerful tool and it must be pursued always.

Taking care of your body

When you are physically active, you are taking care of both your mind and your body. Exercising might not be your cup of tea, but a healthy body will be more likely to bear a healthy and active mind. Besides, you’ve probably heard that exercising helps you to release stress, eliminate toxins, and improve your mood. Aren’t those good enough reasons to give it a try?

Fit a home: mat

Defining your goals

There is no way you can become successful and accomplish your dreams if you don’t perceive them as goals you have to pursue. It might sound logical, but a lot of people forget to actually put their dreams in the form of a tangible goal accompanied by a work plan. Make sure to convert your desires into specific goals and trace your plan to work towards them. 


The lack of sleep is like a pandemic in modern days. People have normalized the lack of sleep as an unavoidable part of life. However, a tired brain is not a functional brain. It will not work to its full potential. Make a point on getting your sleeping hours. Your body will thank you for it.

Having different sources of income

Having one source of income is a common way of life. Nonetheless, it is not the only way. Having multiple incomes will not only mean the entrance of more money into your account but it also means you can invest in your own future. Moreover, by leaving behind the “paycheck-to-paycheck” lifestyle, you will be able to focus on your goals with a peaceful mind.

Avoiding the waste of time

Recently, I took a course about Revenue of Investment. The course’s lessons were based on the following statement: “how you spend time matters”. It is true. You are free to do whatever you want with your time, but depending on what you choose you will either build an empire or build your recommendations list on Youtube.

Productivity: Eliminate Distractions


Journaling is a process of reflection and reevaluation. Stating your goals, what you are doing to work for them, what you can do to become better, what you are grateful for… All these things will help you grow and advance towards being a better person in a professional and personal way.

Embracing failure

The fear of failure may stop a lot of people from doing things. Yet, failure is bound to happen once or twice during our lifetime. If you stop yourself from taking risks in order to avoid failure, you will lose great opportunities. 

If you fail at something, regardless of how big that failure may be, I can assure you, you will learn something from it. It is up to you to use that to create new and wonderful goals.

Learning from others

In Spanish, we have a saying that goes “Those who won’t take advice, won’t make it to old”. The traduction is terrible. However, this saying’s meaning is that learning from what others say and what other people do is essential to grow and persevere in life. The false misconception that you have to try and do everything for yourself will consume a lot of time and energy  (not to mention it will get you into a lot of trouble). 

Learn from other people’s mistakes and successes. Get together with people who have the same goals and the same thinking as you do. Without a doubt, you will learn a thing or two. 


You can watch a hundred speeches from great leaders and entrepreneurs and they all have a thing in common: prioritizing. Time is gold, it is not infinite: when it comes to your goals, you must spend your time wisely. 

A hundred “important” things will come up your way. Nonetheless, as long as you can, you must choose those tasks that are aligned with your goals and that will help you to achieve them.

For example, if you want to become a pianist, but you divide your time between learning to play the cello, the guitar, and the piano, it is going to take longer to accomplish that goal. I’m not implying that you shouldn’t learn to play the other two instruments, but rather that you should focus on the primary one. Once you’ve mastered the piano, you can start practicing the other two.


Planning ahead

This is a given. Planning things ahead helps us to visualize our goals and to maintain focus on the right path. Thinking about the next step to take and moreover, the possible obstacles we may find will form in you a  success mindset. Therefore, you’ll ensure that every day you’ll take steps toward those goals. If you don’t have a planner, you can grab your free daily planner printables now, to kickstart your planning.


I cannot stress enough about the importance of this! Most of the time, when we are feeling stuck, it is because there is something in our original plan that isn’t working anymore. Set a time to sit down and evaluate your plan. What needs to be changed? Why? What other things are working fine? Where can you upgrade your game? 

Everything in life will need an update eventually. Your plans for your goals aren’t an exception. Make the necessary tweaks and you’ll get out of that “stuck” phase. This is one of the most useful habits you could implement.



One of the most common mistakes, when we start pursuing a goal, is overworking. At first, we feel so excited, we want to learn everything, do it all, finish it all at once. As a result, we exhaust our minds and bodies to the point in which we give up. 

The gym is probably a universally relatable case. You start motivated and you visit the gym every day for two or three hours. At the same time, you start a strict diet. What happens next? You get burned, start looking for excuses to eat out and to avoid the gym.

It is not that you don’t have the same motivation or the same goal, but rather that you’ve strained yourself so much in the process, you don’t feel like working for it anymore. Lesson? Rest. Take it easy and set up a pace that works for you and those around you. Your free time helps you recharge for your working time: treasure it.


There are multiple habits you can develop to make you a successful person. You don’t need to apply all of these habits all at once. Pick a few and start implementing them on a daily basis. 

Always maintain your focus on your final goals and whenever you feel down, make sure to find your motivation and get back on track. 

Make every step count and reach for the sky. Above all, remember, you define your own success, nobody else can do it for you.  


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