How to Finally Get Your Life Together This Year


The new year is here and it is time to get your life together.

As the new year begins, a lot of people look forward to starting new projects, changing old habits, and upgrading their lives.

It is the magic of a new year.

Even though every day there is a new dawn, the one from January 1st seems to bring the most motivation with it. Although I don’t believe in resolutions, because let’s face it, they hardly go from resolutions to action, I believe every single drop of motivation must be used to accomplish your goals. After all, there will be days when you won’t feel any motivation at all.

Anyways, leaving the disastrous last year behind, the new year inspires hundreds of people to finally live intentionally.

But first…

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How to get your life together this year


How to know if you need to “get your life together”?

“You need to get your life together” is a common expression often heard from friends, families, and coworkers.

But, what is it?

“Getting your life together” basically means you are improving your life by developing good habits, establishing and achieving goals, and pushing yourself to be a better version of yourself every day.

And if you are not sure if what you want is to “get your life together”, but you feel unable to keep up to your own life, then the chances are that “getting your life together” is not only what you want, but also what you need.

However, some people mistakenly believe they can fix and change their life with some magical trick. Regardless, it is not as easy as that.

Julia Dellit, the author of Get your life together(ish) (2019),  writes “I’m willing to bet that you experience this type of disconnect too—this feeling of being a few steps behind the type of person you always wanted to be. Here’s what you need to know: your life isn’t an all-or-nothing problem to solve or thing to fix. You already know what is important, what’s somewhat important, and what’s not important to you at all. But you may want to make a few adjustments…”

Therefore, now that you have a clear understanding of what getting your life together means, let’s move on to a few ways you can do it.

The “Get your life together” Starter Pack


Be proactive, be-be proactive

The reason why you feel all over the place most of the time is, probably, because YOU ARE all over the place. Over-scheduling your agenda combined with a constant habit of procrastination leads to a rushed and stressful life

A way to get your life together is to be proactive. Plan whatever you can and organize yourself ahead of time. Do things that need to be done when they need to be done.

A golden rule is, if a task takes a short amount of time to do, don’t over-think it and just take action. You would be surprised by how relaxed your day could feel if you just take the small tasks out of the way.

Organize your agenda

Organizing yourself in every aspect of your life is definitely a key to get yourself together. Scheduling, planning, and prioritizing both your personal and professional life will help you be proactive and always start your week the right way.

Moreover, by organizing yourself, you’ll differentiate the important things from those that are just taking space in your life. Therefore, you’ll be able to declutter your agenda and save your energy for what deserves space in it.

If you are not sure what should go on your agenda, here are some guide questions:

  • Does it take time to do?
  • Is it important?
  • Is it urgent?
  • Will I forget it if I don’t write it down?
  • Is it something I need to do again? Or is it a one-time event?
  • Does it require any preparations?

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Drop toxic and unnecessary people

There are toxic people everywhere. Some of them might be already forming part of your life. What’s the problem with toxic people? Either they bring too much drama into our lives or they drain too much energy from us. Sometimes both.

Therefore, a way to improve your life is to kick the toxic people out of it. Study your friends, your family, and your coworkers and if you find any of them makes you feel exhausted, just walk away from them.

Protect your emotional and mental health from toxic people.

Do some introspection

I’m a firm believer that big personal changes can begin with introspection. So? Getting your life together can start with introspection too.

Before organizing your life on the outside you must first organize it inside of you. Ask yourself some self-discovery questions and put in perspective what you want in life and how you are working for it.

  • Am I happy with my life now?
  • What things could I improve about myself?
  • What things I could change to lead a happier and healthier life?
  • How my behaviors affect the people around me?
  • What are the 3 things that I like the most about myself?
  • Is there anything I don’t like about me? Can I change it?
  • What do I want to achieve in a year? Am I working already on it?
  • What would my ideal day look like?

These and similar questions can help you understand your goals and your habits. If you find any habit, thought, or emotion that hinders your growth, make the necessary adjustments to improve them.

Develop a routine

Some routines are suuuper boring and depressing. However, other routines will save us a lot of hassle and trouble.

For example, think about your mornings. Can you imagine how chaotic your mornings would be if you placed your keys in different places or if you wake up at different hours every day? Maybe your mornings are already that way and you don’t need to imagine anything at all!

Then, imagine how easier your mornings could be if you just found the keys in the same place every single time. No more lost time finding the car keys, right?

For these and hundreds of other reasons, if you don’t have any already, create routines that benefit you and that simplify your life. Some simple daily habits to include in your routine that will facilitate your life are:

  • waking up at the same hour
  • putting things always in the same place
  • putting things back to their place immediately after using them
  • writing or reviewing your to-dos each morning
  • Choosing and preparing your next morning outfit the day before

Small habits like these will build up routines that will take the stress out of our lives.

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Set some goals

Setting goals is a term that might sound scary and stressful. Yet, instead of seeing goals as something additional that we must do, we should look at them as a reference guide that will tell us in which direction we should be moving.

Moreover, setting a goal will allow you to fix your focus and to put it into the things that matter. For such reasons, you should set short and long-term goals in your life. Not sure what’s the difference?

  • Short-term goals – daily goals, weekly goals, or quarter goals. An example of a simple short-term goal could be to execute a meal plan this week that allows you to eat healthier.
  • Long term goals – anything from one year to five-year goals. An example of a long-term goal can be to develop a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier and exercising.

Stop complaining about everything

Let’s face it: we’ve all complained one way or another in this life. Regardless, besides venting momentarily our emotions and thoughts, complaining doesn’t help us much.

Although humans have a terrible tendency to focus on the negative side of things, you’ll find it is easier to get your life together, if you adjust your “complaint” mentality. After all, nobody likes to hang around a complainer.

These are some tips you could be using:

  • Analyze your complaint – is there a bigger issue behind your complaint? Address the problem behind the small trigger.
  • Take a challenge – either pay a small fine or do 25 push-ups every time you complain. You’ll become conscious about how often you do it ad you’ll challenge yourself to avoid it.
  • Shift your focus – we tend to see only the bad side of things. Instead, look for something positive in the scenario. For example, you can go from I hate my current job, this is not what I want vs. My current job is a temporary phase in my professional career. I’m getting the experience I need and preparing for my next goal.
  • Write it down – having a journal can help you both vent your concerns and focus on the things you are grateful for.

Finally, changing your attitude towards the things you complain about will save you tons of energy and it will help you to feel happier with the life you have.  However, if something still displeases you after modifying your attitude towards it, you can always work to change it.

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Stop the drama, don’t take everything personally

There is a reason everyone has watched a television drama or reality show at least once: we like drama.

However, one of the best ways to simplify your life and get it together is to stop stirring up the drama in our life. How?

  • Stop taking everything personal – people’s actions have to do more with them and their way of thinking than what they have to do with you.
  • Don’t hold unnecessary grudges – most of the time you’ll feel mad at something the other person doesn’t even remember. How ridiculous is that?
  • Stay out of the gossip – when you participate in your workplace gossip group, you’ll probably get involved in the drama later on. Stay far from gossipers and don’t become one yourself.
  • Acknowledge your faults – if you make a mistake, be quick to acknowledge it and apologize for it. If necessary, become responsible for its consequences.  Also, try to work on not committing the same one again.

Life can get pretty complicated by itself. You don’t need to add any drama to it.

Practice mindfulness, one day at the time

Mindfulness is a concept everyone should embrace today. If you haven’t yet, this is your signal to do it. Why? Because there is no better way to get your life together.

Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, enjoying the little things. Mindfulness is enjoying the food you are eating without thinking about what you have to do at work after your lunch break.

If you want to get your life together, learn to enjoy and live in the present.

Self-care before anything

Self-care is such an important part of our self-development! Nobody can take care of your mind and your body as yourself. Your health will play an important role in every one of your outcomes. There are two main health aspects that affect your life:

  • Physical health – your body is your temple. It takes you wherever you want to go, it grows and changes according to your needs. Taking care of your body first is essential to take care of any other aspect of life.
  • Mental health – Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think”. Your thoughts will affect your emotions and your actions. Therefore, looking out for your emotions, focusing on addressing problems like depression and anxiety must be included in your daily self-care.

In conclusion, neglecting both your physical and mental health can affect how you think and how you act. Getting your life together should definitely start by getting yourself together first. After that, everything else will come naturally.

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It is easy to use momentary motivation and try to get everything done at once. Nonetheless, getting your life is a process of adjustments and constant growth that, well, it will never stop. You’ll always have something you can become better at.

But, don’t get discouraged!

Once you start making conscious decisions that lead to your self-improvement, you’ll feel more in control of who you are now and who you will be becoming in the future.

Remember, life is mostly about practice and time. This year work on you for you, to become who you want to be.


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