Fitness Journey: How I Lost More than 25 Pounds At Home

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Fitness is a journey. However, it never reaches a final destination. You’ll always have to keep walking.

Being fit or in shape has become a new trend. Social media is filled with thousands of fitness influencers showing you their 1’before and after’s”, their routines, and their diets. Every day, food lovers and those who aren’t blessed with a fast metabolism struggle to start their fitness journey.

The holidays, vacations, lack of time, or money to buy healthy food causes weight gain in many of us. For example, the holidays in my country, being one of the longest I’ve known, will make even the most disciplined person gain weight. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear “weightloss” as part of the following new year’s resolution.

I remember wanting to lose weight so badly every time the year started!

Like many other people, I felt sick and tired of being judge by my weight. And although I always thought about losing weight at beginning of the year, I had little confidence in it actually happening.

However, it did happen… Here is how I started my fitness journey.

Childhood years

My worries about weight started as a child. I remember when I was younger, I compared myself with my cousin. She was born with “blessed” genes and was skinny by nature. She had an elongated body with long delicate extremities. Back then, her nickname was “la flaca”, which means thin in Spanish.

Next to her, I always felt out of proportion (now I know it was an unreal notion). Although the years went by and I grew a few inches, I also gained more weight.

Already in high school, I was self-conscious about my weight. I preferred loose clothing and I usually avoided short pants outside the house. Additionally, whenever I went to the beach, I felt more comfortable with a one-piece swimsuit or a shirt on.  Yet, it was in my last year of high school when I had a reality check.

We were performing auditions for a play. I was one of the judges along with the director and another teacher. After the auditions were done, the teacher asked the director why he wouldn’t consider me for one of the characters. It was then when the director signaled my weight as an aesthetic problem for the character.

At that age, I understood that for a lot of people, my weight meant more than any of my talents and virtues.

None of the resolutions for losing weight that followed every year until college was accomplished. It wasn’t on Christmas nor January when everything began.

Fitness journey: Starting the change

It was the beginning of the 2014 summer, and I was at home. As I was sitting in the living room, I looked for a video of Zumba on YouTube. I changed into comfortable clothes and started following the routine.

If anyone had asked me back then if I thought my fitness journey would pass beyond that week, the answer would have been no. Nothing special happened. It was just me, wanting to take care of myself and wanting to become who I wanted to be.

I believe I kept doing the same routine video for about three months. I didn’t do any special diet, besides cutting soda and trying to avoid sugar. Yet, the changes came, and people noticed them.

During the past years, I’ve been working out at home, following routines from YouTube that anyone can find. However, I change my routines constantly so I don’t get bored. Some weeks I am lazy and can’t bring myself to do a single squat.

On the other hand, there are weeks when I will exercise for a whole hour for five days a week. I’m discovering different ways to have an active lifestyle. Moreover, I have learned to eat healthier but, rice, bread, and chocolate haven’t left my diet.

I might not be as fit as I could be, but I’m feeling better than ever. I know I’m yet walking that fitness journey.

The Point?

So, what is my point with all this? I want to be an inspiration for all the people out there who want to change something about themselves or about their lives. If you want to transform anything about you, it is possible. I believe you should start that journey, even if you are unsure about succeeding, even if you are alone in your living room.

Don’t limit yourself, neither let others do it. There is no designated time or place for a change. January is not the only month to start a project and December 31 doesn’t mean you have failed once more.

We make the time; we make the changes.

Fitness Journey

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