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Dream Quotes You Need to Read Now if You Need Inspiration

To dream or not to dream? To dream indeed! How is this even a question? (the joke is intended) Dreams have inspired movies, series, and music songs. Moreover, they also are the origin of wonderful dream quotes and speeches.

A treasured dream is usually the reason behind many of our actions and decisions. We grow up dreaming about professions, trips, houses and so much more.

For everyone, there comes a point when dreams seem far and difficult to reach. Nonetheless, there is a quick hack I do whenever I need to boost my motivation to get working on my goals.

Wondering what it is?

Simple, I read dream quotes, poems, and speeches. It might seem too ordinary to work. Regardless, I can guarantee you that a few dream quotes a day can give you enough motivation to take the next step towards your goal (even if it is a small one).

As a result of my love for quotes, I created some dream quotes myself, for all of my fellow dreamers out there! If you are unsecured, stuck in your plan, or unsure if your pursuit is worth it, these quotes are for you!

Here are 10 original quotes about dreams to inspire you to reach to the infinity and beyond!

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Dream Quotes to Get Inspired!

Quote # 1

“Dreams can seem silly, but wouldn’t it seem sillier to give them up without trying?”


Dream quotes

Quote # 2

“There isn’t a better feeling than having a dream that keeps you awake.”


dream quotes wallpaper

Quote #3

“Dreams aren’t logical. They aren’t supposed to be. They are dreams, not math problems.”


Quotes about dreams

Quote #4

Dream it. Plan it. Do it. Achieve it.”

Dream quotes

Quote #5

“The moment you give up on dreaming, you are giving up on life itself.”

quotes of dreams

Quote # 6

“Long dreams, short dreams, impossible dreams, possible dreams, Solo dreams, group dreams, close dreams, far dreams, easy dreams, difficult dreams… With so many of them, why should you stop dreaming?”

Quote about a dream

Quote #7

“I’m going to achieve that dream. I have everything it takes.”

Dream Quotes Wallpaper

Quote # 8

“Don’t stop until your dream becomes your reality.”


Quote #9

“Dreams are food to the soul.”

Dreams Wallpaper



Quote #10

“Let your dream be the motivation for every step you take.”


A final word about dreams

Although life might throw curveballs at you, and circumstances might change in a way you didn’t expect them to, you should never give up on dreaming. Your dreams are an important part of who you are and no one should take that away from you.

As Langston Hughes wrote: “Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly.”

Therefore, live your life dreaming, planning, and achieving. Don’t let anything stop you.


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