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    How to Declutter Your Mind with a Brain Dump

    Do you often go to bed thinking about all the things you have to do the next morning?  Do you wish there was some way to declutter your mind before sleeping or before studying? What if I told you there is? That’s exactly what a brain dump is. Let´s go over what a brain dump is, how to do it and why it´s good for you!   How to Declutter Your Mind with a Brain Dump What is a brain dump? A brain dump is the action of putting all of your thoughts, to-do lists, and worries in the same place. It can be a single piece of paper, a…

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    How to Identify Self-Sabotage Behaviors and How to Stop Them?

    Self-sabotage is more common than you might think.  You could be sabotaging yourself right now without being aware of it. Ask yourself, have you ever been close to achieving something incredible and then somehow, walked away from it for some strange reason? Because you felt you weren’t good enough? Or maybe because you thought it was too good to be true? Well, that “strange reason” is called self-sabotage and it might be responsible for a lot of your failures.   How to Identify the Self-Sabotage Behaviors and How to Stop Them? What does self-sabotage mean?  Self-sabotage is when you engage in certain behaviors that work against your intentions and goals.…

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    How to Unplug Yourself When You Can’t Take it Anymore

    Do you feel stressed, angry, or anxious while you scroll through your social media? And somehow, you’re just unable to unplug yourself? You are not alone. 84% of smartphone users claim they can’t spend a day without their phone. And although there are undeniable benefits to using your phone, studies have found there is a correlation between social media usage and the prevalence of mental health problems in teens and young adults. In other words, your current relationship with your phone is kind of a TOXIC relationship.  And as with any toxic relationship, it can be quite hard to stop.  But don’t panic just yet! I’ll be sharing some tips…

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    Self-Discovery Questions to Find Out Who You Are

    What is self-discovery? Self-discovery is a journey… We, ourselves, are the people with whom we spend the most time with. However, it is really surprising how little we know about ourselves. Have you ever had a reaction to a situation and wondered “Why did I do that”? Or have you ever thought about why you are feeling a certain way? Bet you have, and although we can’t predict or understand everything we do, we can always gain more knowledge about ourselves. It is possible to understand our behaviors, our emotions, and our beliefs if we take the time to explore them. That process of learning about ourselves is what is…