12 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood on a Bad Day

    Is today one of those days? Do you need to get things done but aren’t sure how to boost your mood? I’ve been there too. You know what I mean, that kind of day when you aren’t feeling it, when you are overwhelmed or moody, or just feeling down! Sometimes you’ll feel that way for a reason and other times, without an apparent motive. Yet, with or without a reason, we just don’t want to feel that way! Who would? Instead, we want to be productive, to have a good day, and to smile our way through life. I’m here to tell you: those things happen to everyone. So, first…

  • anxiety

    15 Common Habits that Might be Triggering your Anxiety

    Are you struggling with your habits and your anxiety? Then keep reading… I’ve heard many adults talk about how hearing about mental health is more common nowadays. Yet, not all of them understand the importance of it.  And they are not to blame. The baby boomers were a generation that grew up in a world where tears were a sign of weakness. In addition, it was only until a few years ago that having mental health issues was a taboo. A therapist, psychologist, or a psychiatrist´s job was to treat “crazy” people.  So, it isn’t a surprise that whenever someone declares they have depression or anxiety, it is dismissed as something trivial…

  • not having priorities

    Why Not Having Priorities is Detrimental for You?

    A lot of people talk about how having priorities can help you, but few of them talk about what happens when you don’t have priorities. Well, I’m here to tell you a lot could go wrong if you don’t have any priorities. And no, I’m not trying to be dramatic. Although you might not be convinced enough by the benefits of having priorities to actually organize your life around them, what would you think if I talked about the repercussions of not prioritizing? Would you be convinced if I tell you that not having them could, for example, end your career? In fact, the lack of priorities can affect negatively…

  • self-discovery

    Self-Discovery Questions to Find Out Who You Are

    What is self-discovery? Self-discovery is a journey… We, ourselves, are the people with whom we spend the most time with. However, it is really surprising how little we know about ourselves. Have you ever had a reaction to a situation and wondered “Why did I do that”? Or have you ever thought about why you are feeling a certain way? Bet you have, and although we can’t predict or understand everything we do, we can always gain more knowledge about ourselves. It is possible to understand our behaviors, our emotions, and our beliefs if we take the time to explore them. That process of learning about ourselves is what is…