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    Self-Discovery Questions to Find Out Who You Are

    What is self-discovery? Self-discovery is a journey… We, ourselves, are the people with whom we spend the most time with. However, it is really surprising how little we know about ourselves. Have you ever had a reaction to a situation and wondered “Why did I do that”? Or have you ever thought about why you are feeling a certain way? Bet you have, and although we can’t predict or understand everything we do, we can always gain more knowledge about ourselves. It is possible to understand our behaviors, our emotions, and our beliefs if we take the time to explore them. That process of learning about ourselves is what is…

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    Fit at Home: The best accessories and equipment to stay fit at home

    Fit at Home: The best accessories and equipment to stay fit at home Why use equipment to get Fit at home? Last week I wrote a post about my top five YouTube channels to stay fit at home. This week’s post is a continuation of the series Fit at Home.  There are many things you could acquire to help you with your fitness journey.   Although I don’t have weights, benches, or bars, I do count with basic equipment to execute different routines. It is not impossible to stay fit without any equipment at all. However, these are some of the accessories that help and motivate you to stay fit at…


    Fit at Home: Free Routines to do at Home

    Starting this year, I wrote an article about my fitness journey. Apparently being “fit” has become a trend. Influencers, models and actors upload their routines to their social media followed by a flattering picture of them where you can witness the results. Because of the fitness wave, you probably have considered once or twice to join a gym to get ready for the upcoming summer. Yes, you could go there, but the truth is you don’t have to. My fitness journey has been all about working out at home. I confess I have never been to a gym. I know like me, there is a lot of people out there…


    Self-Care Ideas for Starting your Week on Sundays

    Work, cook, clean, repeat. Those words probably sum up your week. Nowadays, it is so common to get lost in the routine that you probably forget you must take some time to take care of yourself. Nonetheless, setting aside a period during the week for yourself can re-boost your energy and keep you going. Moreover, pampering yourself shouldn’t be an option, but a duty. So, why not doing it so on Sunday, just before starting the week? Here are a few Sunday self-care ideas. The most basic self-care: Dress your bed I’ll confess it. I wasn’t a fan of dressing my bed. For me, it was useless and time-consuming. However,…