• bucket list travel

    9 Travel Bucket List Destinations for Every Nature Lover

    I love to travel and I love Bucket Lists and I loveee natural landscapes. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my travel bucket list is full of sightseeing, climbing, hiking, and forests. I could scroll through Pinterest for hours and hours searching for amazing places to visit.  Seven wonders of the world? Yes, sign me up for it. Abandon city in Japan? Yes, I want that too. Flying on a globe above Cappadocia? Wait for me! So, even when I’m not able to travel (high-five to the pandemic keeping all of us at home), I’m bookmarking and pinning all those places I will (yes, I will,) visit someday. And…

  • traveling for self-discovery

    Traveling for Self-Discovery: Is it real?

    Traveling for self-discovery? Is it a myth? In our previous post, we talked briefly about self-discovery and some questions you could ask to get to know yourself better. Nonetheless, there are multiple ways you can enrich your self-discovery process. My favorite one?: traveling.  You’ve probably watched the film Eat, Pray & Love, or read a book about how traveling can be life-changing. Although most media representations follow a cliché (usually the development of a romantic relationship), there is an undeniable truth behind traveling: it is eye-opening. Although self-discovery involves knowing who you already are in your current circumstances, I believe it is also about finding out who you could be…

  • skydiving

    Skydiving: a must-have Adventure in Puerto Rico

    What’s in your Bucket list? I wrote mine a few months ago. At the top of the list was one of the most extreme things I wanted to do: skydiving. With all that has been going on in the world during this year, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything from my list but life proved me wrong. And a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to cross that first item on the list. Here is my experience skydiving in Puerto Rico. The weather for Skydiving A friend and I made an appointment with Xtreme Divers, a company located in Arecibo. On the first day of our…

  • Coronavirus: clean your seat

    How to Travel Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Hundreds of people have canceled their flights due to the coronavirus outbreak. I did since I consider wiser to stay at home. However, if you are obliged to travel, here is a guide on how to travel safely during the Coronavirus outbreak.   1. Prepare your personal “coronavirus prevention” bag I know, usually, you worry about just packing the headphones, a telephone charger,  some snacks, and the wallet. However, this time your “on-airplane-packing list” should include soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.  If it makes you feel safer, gloves and masks too. Currently, the World Health Organization [WHO] (2020) is debating whether the use of masks by the masses has…