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    How Finding Balance in Life Can Help Beat Anxiety and Depression

    Balance. Sometimes it seems (and feels) like another word for perfection. Finding balance in life? It appears to be impossible to achieve. But it isn’t. It is not surprising at all that in the 21st century many people find it difficult to stay balanced. Yet, there are persons that get surprised about the high percentage of mental health problems in the worldwide population. According to the World Health Organization, 800, 000 persons committed suicide in 2016. (WHO, 2016). Moreover, a study published in The Lancet revealed that around 12 billion days of productivity have been lost due to depression and anxiety disorders (Chisholm, D., Sweeney, K., Sheehan, P., Rasmussen, B.,…

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    Why Not Having Priorities is Detrimental for You?

    A lot of people talk about how having priorities can help you, but few of them talk about what happens when you don’t have priorities. Well, I’m here to tell you a lot could go wrong if you don’t have any priorities. And no, I’m not trying to be dramatic. Although you might not be convinced enough by the benefits of having priorities to actually organize your life around them, what would you think if I talked about the repercussions of not prioritizing? Would you be convinced if I tell you that not having them could, for example, end your career? In fact, the lack of priorities can affect negatively…

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    11 Rules to Follow if You Want to Feel Content about Life

    Today could be one of them. You know, one of those days when you look out your car window while thinking “I hate my life. Is this even worth it?”. And before I continue any further, I must let you know: it is. You can feel content with your life right now how it is… Although feeling hungry for something more in life is normal, feeling upset and unsatisfied with anything and everything all the time isn’t healthy, let alone normal. Even if your life isn’t as perfect as you would think you would want it to be (there will never be such perfection), you can feel happier if you…


    How to Set Your Priorities Straight Without Going Insane in the Process

    Ugh, priorities! How many problems have we encountered for not establishing priorities in life? And still, up to this moment, we are struggling to set our priorities straight. Well, there is no doubt that this year has given us more than enough opportunities to see what we should be correcting. However, as much as people talk about priorities, the truth is we usually don’t understand how they work or how they can impact our life. In fact, a priorities list is not a simple to-do list. Instead, it is supposed to reflect what’s valuable to you, what your goals are, and how you manage your time. In conclusion? It is…