Habits: 100 Boss Habits for a Happier Life

    When it comes to our daily routines, there are small habits that can improve our day, our health, and even our career. According to Sean Covey (1999): “we become what we repeatedly do” (p.2). Therefore, repeating good and useful habits will result in a more successful and happier you. So, instead of just replicating mindlessly your actions, be intentional. Get committed to developing good habits that will help you grow in your personal and professional life. Not sure what those good habits could be? Look no further! Here are 100 habits you can implement to have a happier and more accomplished life. Health habits 1. Get a full night sleep…

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    15 Amazing Reasons to Use a Planner

    To use or not to use a planner? That is the question. There are hundreds of planners out there: from physical to digital, from numbered to unnumbered. However, some people consider them a nuisance and a waste of time. So, if you are one of those people wondering why you should use a planner, here are 15 reasons and benefits of using a planner. Organization Duh, it is a planner after all! However, one common mistake is to try to organize different parts of our lives separately. Using a planner helps you unite your life in one place: meals, to-do’s, appointments, goals, exercise, and so on. When it comes to…

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    14 Habits of Successful People

    Habits to success?… We all want to be successful, to make our dreams come true, and to crush our goals. However, sometimes we wish we had a guide, a proven-to-work method to make it to the mountain top.  While there might not be a guide for each one of our individual cases, when you study different examples of successful people (and by successful I mean people who achieved their goals and not just “rich” individuals), they have in common habits and patterns that have contributed significantly to their achievements. Better yet, those habits aren’t exclusive; they can be applied by anyone who has a goal. So, do you want to…

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    Goal Achieving: 20 Ways to Keep Motivation

    Let’s stop to think for a moment. Can you number all the resolutions you had when the year started? Now, how many of them are you working on, or have you accomplished?… What was that goal again? Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me the official number.  But, if your answer is none or close to none, you are not alone in the struggle. The truth is, one of the most difficult things to do when establishing a goal is to keep motivation. Between a full-time job, studies, a family, and other responsibilities it becomes difficult to stay on track. Eventually, excuses like the lack of time start to creep…