• be confident

    How to Be Confident Enough to Achieve Your Life Goals

    Yes, you can hear it everywhere: “You need to be more confident” or “confidence is key”. But as common as the term confidence is, it seems people have trouble putting the theory into practice. But, get ready to have less of “I can’t do it. I’m not sure” in your life and more of “I’m ready. I’ve got what it takes”. In this article, you’ll learn how to be more confident. How to Be Confident Enough to Achieve Your Life Goals What is confidence? The Cambridge Dictionary defines confidence as “the quality of being certain of your abilities”. On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “a feeling…

  • morning work

    How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine to be Happy and Successful

    What’s your morning routine? You wake up 30 minutes late. Then, you rush to get dressed and brush your teeth while putting on your shoes. Finally, you skip your breakfast, prepare your coffee to go, and rush out the door. Sounds familiar? That’s just how a normal morning routine is, right? Well, it might be already normal to you, but it definitely isn’t good for you or your day. It doesn’t matter! As long as you get things done, right? But it does matter. Your usual morning routine will set the foundation for a productive and positive day, not to mention a better mood throughout the day. How to Create…

  • bad habits to break

    Shocking Bad Habits That Keep You from Growing

    Getting rid of bad habits can be even more difficult than creating new habits. Therefore, it is not a surprise why a lot of people just rather “accept” and embrace the way they are. However, the truth is, every person can work on him or herself to become a better human being. Although, I admit that it is easier said than done. Why? Because most of our actions are a reflection of our habits. Usually, we form habits unconsciously, to perform tasks efficiently without having to deliberate every single time about the actions we must take in certain situations. According to Psychology Today “Habits are built through learning and repetition.…

  • colors and journaling

    The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Journaling

    As an adult, it is hard to find the correct place to vent your feelings and organize your thoughts. However, instead of holding it all in and exploding at the wrong time and the wrong place, we need to find a rightful way to vent.  The solution? Journaling. I know, don’t roll your eyes yet! Journaling seems to be everywhere these days! But I assure you, journaling is not overrated. It is not something you will try for one week and then get tired of it, not if you do it the right way. Therefore, I invite you to see what the hype is all about! The Complete Beginner’s Guide…