Reflections of a Year of Achievements

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We are already in the second half of 2020, probably the most strange year we have experienced so far.  And those achievements you were looking forward to? Probably, you are thinking nothing can be done about them.

However, I believe one can achieve many things, even if it seems like there isn’t much to be done.

Recently, I made the exercise to list everything positive that happened from June 2020 to July 2020 and realized I had a lot to be thankful for and that even in the middle of this pandemic, I was still achieving new things.

So, I want to share with you a quick list of my achievements from this past year, because I believe they can be your achievements too.

How does a year of achievements can look for you too?

1. Quitted my stable-full time job to seek the lifestyle I wanted

I was able to work as a full-time housekeeper for a year. Although I learned a lot of skills and gained precious experience I knew it wasn’t for me. After a whole year, without much planning and without a job awaiting me, I quitted my job to follow my dreams.

Do you also want to make a change in your career? Here is a great article on how you can start your career change. You can start slowly (please do not follow my example recklessly).

Your future achievements can start one step at a time.

2. Participated in a historic event in my country

In July of 2020, Puerto Rico made history. Hundreds of people flooded the streets of the capital to ask for our governor to step down due to obscene expressions made in a private chat that became public. It is now remembered as the Summer of 2019. After weeks of peaceful manifestations (and by peaceful I mean nobody was killed, although some of them turned violent), the governor stepped down from his position in a public announcement.

For the first time, I decided to participate in the manifestations. I didn’t want to be a bystander at such an important moment in my country. Now, I can say, together with hundreds of people, I made history.

At this moment, you could help to make history too, by supporting movements like Black Lives Matter, The MeToo movement, The Yemen crisis, and many others.


3. Made a trip to Costa Rica

In August of last year, I made a trip to Costa Rica. However, it wasn’t an ordinary trip. This bookworm spent a week hiking, running RV’s, bungee jumping, and zip-lining. It was a trip of extreme adventure from beginning to end.

Make a trip this year. It doesn’t have to be a real trip to somewhere (it isn’t safe with COVID-19), but it can be a trip to discover a “you” you didn’t know.

4. Started a Blog

I’ve always loved to write. So, when I started to read about the world of blogging, I thought to myself: “I want to do this”. And so I did.

This year, even from your home, you can start something new, you can learn new skills and you can connect with new people: let it be a blog, a youtube channel, or a language learning site. Whatever you decide to start, reinvent yourself.

5.Traveled to the country of my dreams

This was probably the most “I didn’t see that coming” thing that happened to me this year. South Korea had been the country of my dreams since I was in high school. I bought the ticket only a month before and lived one month and a half in the country of my dreams for less than $1,500 dollars (ticket included).

Although you might not be able to travel right away (stay safe until COVID-19 is controlled), you can start planning your next trip. Make a budget for it so when the moment to buy your ticket comes you won’t have any excuses.

You can use the platform Worldpackers to exchange your abilities for a stay. That’s how I saved most of my money.

Travel achievements


6. Achieved my best physical shape until now

I’ve been working out at home for a few years now. I followed different routines from Youtube Channels through my fitness journey.

However, it was only recently that I discovered Chloe Ting’s workout. My body has become leaner and stronger than ever. The best? Her workout programs are totally free.

7. Acquired new professional skills

With all this blogging thing, I admit I had to study and learn a lot. From coding to SEO, to branding: EVERYTHING. However, what may have started as a hobby, has made me learn and acquire new skills that are important for my professional growth.

Most of them for free. The internet is full of resources. If you have access to it, use it for your self-development. Youtube, Coursera, Allison courses, Khan Academy and so many other sites offer courses that can help you to enrich your mind.

8. Reconnected with old friends

Due to my previous full-time job, it was really difficult to meet with friends, because I was working on weekends and on holidays. After I quitted, I had the chance to meet friends that visited from other countries and to attend birthday parties and reunions.

If you have the opportunity to do anything this year, let it be to reconnect and meet with people you love.

9. Had new job experiences

I constantly describe myself as a freelancer or as an independent worker. Why? Because I’m a freelance writer, a freelancer for the film industry, a freelance photographer and I even make deliveries. I’ve had all these job experiences within a year.

Even if it might seem unstable and negative for many people, for me, all those jobs have something that I love and something I can learn.

So, this year, don’t be afraid to try new jobs. With technology, there are many jobs that you can do online from the comfort of your home.

10. Volunteer to help other people during a disaster

In January of 2020, a series of earthquakes happened in Puerto Rico. The south part of the island was severely affected. Together with a group from my church, I had the opportunity to take supplies and some entertainment to those in need.

This year, more than ever, you can be someone of help. Volunteer to do the groceries for those neighbors who are at high risk of getting sick, create and donate cloth masks to people in need, inform and advise people who are scared.

Be of value to others. This probably will be one of your greatest achievements.


11. Implemented an organic skincare routine

Self-care has also been an important part of this past year. One of the things I changed was my skincare routine. I have sensitive acne-prone skin. Therefore, I’ve always used products with ingredients I couldn’t even read.

After my last products were finished, I made the change to natural products. It takes longer to finish my skincare routine, but this is an important part of my self-care routine. This, even if it is simple, is an important achievement.

This year, take care of your body and your soul. Make time for yourself before making time for others. This isn’t selfish. Remember, if you can’t love yourself, you are unable to love others the right way.

Skincare scrub

12. Developed my first product

A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of being an entrepreneur with her own shop yet, here I am. This month I had the opportunity to launch my first digital product The Dreamer’s Life Digital Planner. It is the result of hard work and discipline and it was possible even in the chaos we are living in currently.

So, this year, even if you are obliged to stay at home, invest your time wisely. Set a goal and work for it. If you have resources, use them to create the life you want.

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Reflections of this year… A final word

And these are just a few things that happened… Why do I share this with you? Because most of the things I did, that I can celebrate as achievements today, weren’t originally planned. For some, I just grabbed the opportunity that came my way and for others, I made the opportunity myself.

Just because your life changed completely, it doesn’t mean it is over. Your hands are not tied. Your achievements aren’t conditioned to specific circumstances.

Repeat after me: “I am capable of turning my life around”. Don’t doubt it.

Instead of wanting the year to be over, make it your year.

If life gives you lemons, plant an orange tree.

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