Habits: 100 Boss Habits for a Happier Life

When it comes to our daily routines, there are small habits that can improve our day, our health, and even our career.

According to Sean Covey (1999): “we become what we repeatedly do” (p.2). Therefore, repeating good and useful habits will result in a more successful and happier you.

So, instead of just replicating mindlessly your actions, be intentional. Get committed to developing good habits that will help you grow in your personal and professional life.

Not sure what those good habits could be?

Look no further!

Here are 100 habits you can implement to have a happier and more accomplished life.

100 Boss Habits for a Happier Life

Health habits

1. Get a full night sleep
2. Stay hydrated
3. Exercise a few days a week
4 Stretch before bed
5. Plan your meals
6. Include tea in your diet
7. Improve your posture
8. Use more stairs
9. Include more fruits in your diet
10. Include more vegetables in your diet
11. Cut back on coffee
12. Cut back on alcohol
13. Cook at home
14. Get fresh air and sun daily
15. Walk daily
16. Eat slowly
17. Turn off your phone and your TV when eating


18.  Practice self-care
19. Skincare routine (morning and night)
20. Deep cleaning your mouth at night
21. Pedicure and manicure once a month
22. Have a morning and night routine
23. Meditate, pray, reflect
24. Practice gratitude daily
25. Practice a hobby
26. Take a “complete” bath with shaving, scrubbing, and hair washing (all included) once a week
27. Brush your hair
28. Brain-dump things before sleeping
29. Take free time from work
30. Compliment yourself
31. Spend time alone

self care

Goals and plans habits

32. Plan your life
33. Set long term and short term goals
34. Write down your goals
35. Track your habits
36. Visualize your future
37. Network with new people
38. Review your daily accomplishments
39. Analyze the areas where you can grow
40. Keep track of your goals
41. Do the most difficult thing in your to-do list first
42. Journal
43. Use a planner

44. Schedule your email and your social media time
45. Challenge yourself
46. Plan your day the night before
47. Reward yourself

Finance habits

48. Donate to good causes
49. Support small and local businesses
50. Invest money in experiences and not in material things
51. Track expenses
52. Destine part of your income to a savings fund

Nature habits

53. Listen to nature
55. Watch the sky at least 2 minutes a day (sunrise, sunset, rain, stars, sun)
56. Have plants in your home

Nature habits

Better life

57. Put things back when you’re done using them
58. Declutter frequently
59. Tidy up 5-10 minutes every night
60. Keep your desk clear and clean
61. Be punctual
62. Travel
63. Listen to music
64. Sing or dance when nobody is watching
65. Put away your phone for an hour a day
66. Dress your bed
67. Hang your clothes after using them
68. Wash your sheets once a week
69. Plan and prepare your outfits in advance

Social habits

70. Practice kindness

71. Say I love you to somebody everyday (family, lover, friends)
72. Volunteer
73. Greet people (even if they don’t)
74. Share your meals with other people
75. Spend time with your family and friends
76. Compliment a passerby
77. Call someone you love on the phone
78. Sit down at the table with your family
79. Listen to other people
80. Text a friend you don’t see in a while
81. Take one photograph (yes, one, make it special) with somebody you love
82. Mentor someone
83. Befriend new people frequently

social habits

Better you, self-improvement

84. Read (fiction and nonfiction)

85. Get up early
86. Repeat affirmations
87. Get up with the first alarm
88. Control and limit screen time
89. Laugh and smile
90. Limit your time watching the news
91. Be more confident
92. Laugh often
93. Be responsible for your actions
94. Speak your feelings
95. Live in the moment
96. Listen to self-improvement podcasts
97. Learn something new every day
98. Get dressed up for yourself
99. Say thank you
100. Stop trying to please everyone

A final note about new habits

Habits are powerful. However, trying to change all your habits at once can be overwhelming. Instead, choose one or two and start implementing them.

Change your life one habit at the time.



Covey, S. (1998). The 7 habits of highly effective teens. Simon and Schuster.

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