10 Amazing Things You Can Do At Home if You Are Sick of Being Bored


Quarantined? Looking for things you can do at home during social isolation?

Well, at this point, even if you are alone in your home, you aren’t in feelings: the majority of the world feels the same as you.

I’ve been a month and a half in quarantine. I know there is a long way to go.

By now, I’ve been obliged to diversify my ideas of fun, since I’m already tired of Netflix and scrolling through social media.

If you haven’t done so already, here is a list of 10 amazing things you can do at home during social isolation.

Productive Things to do at home

1. Train your dog

Training your dog doesn’t have to be a task solely limited for specialized companies, trainers, or dog walkers. My mother recently adopted a puppy whom we named Dante.

By now, he is two and a half months old and I’ve taught him eleven tricks already. Every day, I have sessions that last from ten to fifteen minutes.

Dog’s training must be kept concise due to their short periods of attention. The principle is simple, you use voice commands along with visual cues and reward your dog with a treat when they do as commanded.

I teach usually a trick per day since he is a fast learner. However, certain tricks like crawl and beg (also sit pretty) took more than one class to learn.Social Isolation: Train your dog

2. Learn a language

Learning a second or a third language can open many doors for you in both personal and professional ways. Also, it is a great way to keep your mind fresh.

There are hundreds of resources on the internet. Sites like Coursera, Udemy, and Allison Courses allow you to enroll in classes for every language you can imagine.

During this period, I have been studying Korean. There are also apps you can download directly to your phone like Duolingo, which offers multiple languages to learn for free.

3. Take dance classes

No, I don’t mean going to an actual dance studio. As with language learning, you can also learn some dancing moves through the internet. There are multiple sites for which you can pay a monthly fee and take classes, like Steezy.

However, if you are short on budget, there are other free options on the internet like YouTube or Instagram, where you can find tutorial videos for different dance styles.

I’ve been following 1 Million Dance Studio and Auti Kamal to learn choreographies completely free.

Social Isolation: Dance

4. Clean up that computer

If you are like me, then chances are your computer is a mess. Since I started blogging, my downloads folder has become a jungle: it has everything from photos to workbooks to licenses.

Now that we all count with more time, it seems like the right moment to sort things out.

Classify your files and declutter. Afterward, erase everything that is no longer necessary. Finally, you can back up your files in your external memory.

5. Social isolation doesn’t mean you must be in your PJ’s: do a photoshoot for social media

Yes! You probably are scrolling down through social media a lot these days. How about you take the time to updates those pictures? Wait, I don’t mean snapping a picture with a dog filter on your face or trying to make your sexiest post.

I mean to really plan a themed photo session. First, pick a theme that you like. Second, choose an area in your home with good lighting (it is better if you do it during the day) and prepare a set. Third, get dressed up according to your theme.

You don’t have someone to take your pictures? Don’t worry! You can always put your cellphone in selfie mode with a timer. Also, some smartphones can be programmed to take a picture whenever they track a smile.

If you don’t have a tripod, you can use a chair or stool with various books to improvise one. Be creative! And if you need inspiration, you can find plenty on Pinterest.


6.  Clean & declutter

You’ve probably heard this a lot. Although cleaning might not be your best inspiration to get out of bed, it is one of the best tasks to help you get distracted.

You can use this period to get rid of things that aren’t in good condition and to sell those you don’t want anymore. Moreover, when you are going through your stuff, you’ll find things that will help you remembrance past times and therefore, reflect on the present.

7. Plan your next trip

If you never had time to sit down and plan that dreamed vacation, this is the moment! To plan a trip you don’t need an agent. You can find information on the internet about every country, its regulations, the attractions, the weather… Everything!

In addition, you can use apps like Momondo, Kayak, and Skyscanner to investigate the usual prices for your route.

You will find a more detailed article on essential tricks to plan a trip if you are new to traveling here. That way, you can get everything ready for when we are allowed to travel freely again.

Bucket List 6: Cappadocia

8. Social Isolation? No problem, make friends through social media

Sometimes, we forget we can actually make friends through the internet. Beyond sending a friend request or giving a “like”, social media can connect us with people that have our same tastes, beliefs, and goals.

So, instead of just stalking at their photos, how about we sustain a conversation?

No, I don’t mean the flirting type “do-you-have-a-boyfriend/girlfriend” conversation, I mean the type of engagement during which we speak about dreams, jobs, articles, embarrassing experiences…

Why we don’t use social media to actually socialize? This is definitely one of the best things you could do at home during social isolation.

9. Exercise & Eat Healthy

I said it! You should use this free time to get your body moving. Let’s be clear. I don’t mean you should get in shape for the summer and you should be productive instead of being on the couch all day. No. These are difficult and stressful times.

However, feeling like we can’t do anything to change our situation can make us feel hopeless and anxious. Exercising can help to blow off some steam, so we don’t feel overwhelmed. Here is my top selection of Youtube channels to get fit at home.

Furthermore, cook yourself healthy and nutritious food as long as it is possible. Fitness Blender has hundreds of healthy recipes you can follow on their site. Treat your body with care and love. You deserve it.

Fit a home: mat

10. Start a Home Garden

Recently, I saw a video of a self-watering system for plants using plastic bottles! Growing plants and reusing at the same time? Sign me up for it! – As I wrote in my Bucket List post, I’ve been looking forward to starting harvesting my own food.

This video showcases a simple and inspiring way to get started. Seeing a little “green” inside our houses can improve our moods. Besides, you will be eating healthier!

And another thing…

These are just 10 of many things you could do at home during the social isolation!

Even if a lot of people go on about staying productive, you should not pressure yourself to do more than what you are already doing. The circumstances are stressful enough.

Instead of becoming a burden, this list’s purpose is to help you get distracted, to uplift your spirit.

What other things are you doing to take care of yourself during your time of social isolation? Let me know in the comments!

Stay safe!

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  1. That last portion spoke to me. Do what you can, while processing an entire pandemic its okay to be patient with yourself if it takes more then 10 tries to get something done. You are such a great writer and you really hit on important parts! Thanks for this, def saving for later.

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