• Types of Journals

    13 Amazing Types of Journals You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life

    Journaling is like a magic potion. No, like really, it can help with almost everything. Staying organized? Got it. Emptying your brain when you are feeling overwhelmed? That too. Well, maybe it is not exactly magical, but the point is, it works. Journaling is a simple method for venting your thoughts, saving your memories, or staying organized. Although journaling is as old as a time, people still do it nowadays. Its benefits are countless and the possibilities are endless with a journal. But did you know there are different types of journals and that you can keep more than one? Quick note for you! This post contains affiliate links. This…

  • How to live a peaceful Life

    How to Live a Peaceful Life – Even When You are Anxious Person

    Have you reached that point in your life where you just want to live a peaceful life in cabin in the woods? Well, maybe you don’t want a cabin in the woods just yet, but you are tired of living a stressful life. You watch that “always-chill” friend and wonder: how does he do it? Well, although having a peaceful life might seem like something only possible to a special group of people, the method to have a peaceful living isn’t a secret. It is possible for anyone that put their mind to it and it is possible to you too. So, you need a little more peace in your…


    6 Things You Must Do When You Are Feeling Hurt to Feel Better

    Are you feeling hurt while reading this?  Maybe not now. But, if you are a breathing human (if you’re reading this, I guess you are) the chances are that you’ve been hurt once or twice in this life. Or maybe a lot. It seems that getting hurt is part of  being human itself. It is something that is bound to happen in human relationships. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with you being strong or weak. What can I say? We are troublemakers by nature. But, dealing with the feeling of being hurt the right way is important to be able to grow and move on. So? If you’ve…


    6 Things To do at the Beginning of Each Month for a Better You

    And suddenly you realize the beginning of the month is here and you aren’t even sure if you did anything worth your time and effort during the last one. But times fly, right? And it can happen that a whole year goes by in the same way: without you being proactive. But, what if I told you there is a secret formula to start every month with the right foot? What if you could take action to maximize your potential for growth each month? Well, there is! And we are going to review it here! Here are six things you should do at the beginning of each month to improve…